Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How Can a Photo Organizer Help you?

WOW what a week for pictures! We had the most snow we’ve had in years. The snow was picture perfect! It was great for building snowmen and sledding. Then an unfortunate accident provided yet another photo opportunity for my youngest son Jacob. Sledding down the hill by himself he slid right into a barbed wire fence and ensured himself his first trip to the ER for stitches. Thank goodness for cell phone cameras as no one would believe the braveness of my little trooper! I will certainly be able to tell him the story of the scar on his right cheek through photos. Later in the week, Nicholas played in the Elementary School tournament and they won the tournament in overtime!! Camera was ready for the winning group shot. Finally, wrapped up a weekend in Greeneville with the Morristown Magic playing for their first tournament championship. They finished in second place but I have lots of pictures of their first championship game!
Reflecting over the number of photos I captured in the last week I am grateful for digital technology that allows me to take unlimited photos trying to capture that perfect moment, that perfect shot. I am also thankful for Memory Manager 3.0 that lets me organize my photos quickly and effortlessly!
Did you know that over 26 million digital cameras were sold in 2009? That is a lot of cameras which translates into lots of photos. The current estimate is that 80 trillion photos will be taken this year. PHEW, that is a lot of photos.

I often ask people why they take photos and the number one answer is to remember. Memories are important, they are what connect us to one another, they are what make us human and they tell a story. I believe our photos tell the stories of our lives because we are a people of stories. When you get together around the table as a family, what do you talk about? Often you tell stories of past events, people, your day and the photos we take document those memories. My goal as Personal Photo Organizer is to help you tell those stories.

I want to eliminate the stress and guilt that is caused by having 1000's of images in boxes and drawers as well as on the computer and memory cards. I will help you take the next step. What makes personal photo organizing unique is the one on one service I provide. I will listen to your stories and help you share those in a meaningful way. I will make albums, digital photo books & slide shows. I will also offer scanning, video transfers etc. Anything you need for your photos, I will provide a solution for you.

I help people celebrate Ordinary Days in Extraordinary Ways!