Friday, January 29, 2010

A Business is Born

Wow! I am so excited to be starting this blog—because it means I am moving forward in faith to pursue the opportunity to work from home. Everything I have been able to do and will continue to do is by the grace of the Almighty God; therefore I must pause and give him thanks as I begin my journey down the road less traveled.

By now I am sure you are wonder just what is she talking about? I have dreamed of owning my own business that helps people preserve those special moments in life.
So 12.5 years ago I joined Creative Memories as a consultant. Creative Memories what’s that you ask? It is a scrapbooking company that provides quality materials to preserve your photographs. Thru the years I have seen many changes; but the one that has truly changed my life was the introduction of digital. Digital photography, digital storage solutions, and finally, digital scrapbooking have changed the way I use photographs. I bet you are NO exception!
As much as scrapbooking has changed, so has my family. Twelve years ago I was married, and had one beautiful baby boy that was 7months old. Today, I am still married with 4 wonderful sons ages 12,10,6, and 3. So you can just imagine how much time I spend scrapbooking these days. I am a wife, mother, licensed substitute teacher,former elementary school teacher, school volunteer, photographer, and Creative Memories Consultant and today I am adding one more title PERSONAL PHOTO ORGANIZER to list of things I am trained to do.
Thus, my business is born. 6M Memories and More by Lisa Morgan a place to find all your photo solutions!
Do you want to know what kind of solutions I have to offer?
Contact Lisa at or call 423-748-7124.

Check back often as I help solve your photo problems one stack of photos, one family at a time.
I am here to help you….don’t have the time to learn the solutions yourself…no worries
I have a solution for that as well…hire me to organize your photos for you!

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